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Saturday, January 21, 2017

A romantic assumption

The Rebirth of a  Romantic Assumption

When I knew my mother was dying in 1992, I began to cry.  My mother, looking at me quite sternly, said: "When do you plan to grow up?  I never promised you I'd be here forever.  Besides, I am tired."

Aware that the mouth of D. J. Trump  has humiliated the indecency of democratic politics, divided Americans beyond reconciliation, and positioned his nation to implode, it is pragmatic to grow up.  American citizens should woman-up and man-up to the death of the romantic assumption and act accordingly. This assumption is an obese fantasy of natural superiority and greatness, and its essential irrationality condemns it to be romantic.  As a non-scientific element in the biocultural evolving of the human mind, it is universal; it is a powerful determinant in shaping histories; it is seductive in the sense that it captivates the imaginations of  the ignorant as well as the intelligent and satisfies everyone's perverse desire to be great.  Fact-check Trump's record in order to explain why and how he gambled and raked in all the electoral chips. If citizens man-up and woman-up, they increase the likelihood of recognizing that, according to Leon P. Baradat,  "reactionary extremism did not die in 1945 with Hitler and Mussolini. It has reemerged from time to  time, most recently during the current decade in Europe and the United States." It is the linchpin in Trump's plans to make America great.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.            January 20, 2017

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