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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Our American Economy

Our Post-Truth/Pre-Future Economy

A small portion of a sinister paragraph from  Paul A. Baran's The Political Economy of Growth (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1957) is an apt description of the contemporary economy of the United States of America:

Incapable of pursuing a policy of genuine full employment and of genuine economic progress, having to abstain from productive investment as well as from a systematic expansion of consumption, it [ monopoly capitalism] has to rely in the main on military spending for preservation of the prosperity  and high employment on which it depends both for profits and popular support


To secure popular acceptance of the armaments program,  the existence of external danger has to be systematically hammered into the minds of people.  An incessant campaign of official and semi-official propaganda, financed by both government and big business, is designed to produce an almost complete uniformity of opinion on all important issues.  An elaborate system of economic and social pressures is developed to silence independent thought and to stifle all "undesirable" scientific, artistic, or literary expression. A spiderweb of corruption is spun over the entire political and cultural life of the imperialist country and drives principles, honesty, humanity, and courage from political life. (129-130)

Under the greatly admired leadership of a fake President who tweets and excoriates with gusto and abandon, a significant number of American citizens obediently worship in the synagogues, mosques,  cathedrals, and evangelical  churches of  monopoly capitalism.

The new religion in our nation is a matter of fact.  American facts are biblical; they  do not lie.  Unfortunately, American facts in 2017 disembowel the trinity of charity, hope and faith.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.                            June 4, 2017

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