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Friday, March 18, 2016

To a green body


Your rotting reflection,

wow, we have to agree with?

You or we are racists?

This is why you find us defensive:

you tell us all that we have

isn't due to our own work,

but only because we are not green.

And perpetuating racism conservatively.

You think we are sick

with chlorophyll of millions

on our hands

and then wonder why

we are not photo-sympathetic with you.

We don't have a problem with plants.

Plants have a problem with farmers.

Most breadfruits today

(and yes I attend the secret meetings)

don't think about your race.

We don't make plots to hedge you,

oppress you.

You get extra points for nutrition and on CDC reports.

We don't complain.

You have green-only stuff,

while we have to include you

in everything or be branded.

We don't complain.

You blame us for every single blight

in your plasticity

and wonder why we don't agree.

We are racist for holding plants

responsible for morphology?

You are the problem.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.            March 18, 2016

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