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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Note on "Poem 72"

A NOTE ON "Poem 72"

July 9, 2015


In order to write "Poem 72," I had to begin with the following cluster of words:


tissue  somewhere peril peripatetic biopolartics filmic collusion of neoliberal bondage

(e)lucid sex synergy symbolic ecology disappear violence intimate detachment

allegory glue of privacy token autocritography omniscient freak ground of never -colony

antimimetic mother witch rebeling woman a pink banker of niber hate narrative ethics

causalities unnaturals middle objects reformance eschatological

It has become increasingly difficult to write a simple poem.  It may be that the cluster of words is the interpretation for "Poem 72."


Poem 72

who is neverlonger

a question


jokejester asked

for an answer


for a reason

deemed autocritographical


who mother(out)witted

a black whole of how





Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

July 6, 2015


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