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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Footnote 666

Footnote 666

Law-ordained, ordered arrogance forms
The halos around uniforms, batons, guns,
 Badges, handcuffs, and stuff inform
Novenas for freshly minted killers.
Injustice is all.
This is the way the resolute signs morph
Into rabid symbols after the oaths in blue
Confirm this fraternity shall ruthlessly signify
Innocents are predestined to die.
Injustice is all.
Feral blue uniforms furiously pray
Their prey shall be young, female/male, and black,
Head bowed, silent, hands empty, arms outstretched ---
In truth, a crucifix without a cross.
Injustice is all.
This is America, after all, and air is a snarky, bleached privilege.
 Breath of color whose crime is breathing warrants social death.
This is America, the new post-Eden, and all bluebloody uniforms know
Justice is a brazen nuisance, a dangerous God-fearing whore.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

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