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Friday, February 6, 2015



Thoughtful. Timely.
Unusually original, this
Innovative transferential,
Significant and unique
Complicated route
Is ambitiously imagined.

COOKING NOTE: You can/improve/the plove/just add/ plum clove.

The go-to way articulates,
With depth, with acumen,
Tremendous ground/
Breaking seeds.
Important, too, is nuanced growth.

Distinct, first-rate, theoretically sharp,
Graceful, learned, and light-provoking
The gone-off went off
On interrogation of investigation.

COOKING NOTE #2:  Critique and deploy tropes ---cool antanaclasis,
Sweet apophasis, salted catachresis----when you incense the kitchen
With brilliant, compelling, radical, deep and rich profusions of prodigal economy.

Taste the plove.  Strangle the question:
“God, are we human yet?”

Smoke the joke.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.
February 7, 2015

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