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Monday, August 5, 2013

Poem 70

Poem 70


Small, common, not tired

Nor weary nor worn,

Powerful I am

I am an infinite eye/


Reviving, deriving midnight

From a trinity of signifying parrots ---


Passing hep to hopping

The jarring jam they

Dream words

Syntax wax


She and he

Who prismed light  --  grandeur

Parents razing towers

From/form a sentence ---me/I


Stone immune to polish,

To ignorant charms

Clashing by day.

Superlative subparticles endure ---


Invited to logic wild

Crazy quilting

Wet bones on a mountain,

Fear no evil we/I

Zillion paragraphs

Am defiant dance of chapters,

Have bibled seventy gospels

Shadowed through

The middle between

Of hardships and the rock of ages.

Have published sleep ---


A miracle of invisibility

I am

A purpose to remember.


Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

July 31, 2013

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